#2 Bagpipe
African blackwood, half mounted with African blackwood projecting mounts. Plain sterling silver top bands and ferrules. Black horn bushes.


The wood mounts, silver top bands, and horn bushes distinguish this model.
2hrtgallpcs.jpg (88861 bytes)
Every piece in the set, except the pipe chanter.
87kb 205kb
2hrtgfourbotmountsfrombot.jpg (74253 bytes)
The bottom of the bottom mounts.
2hrtgfourtopmounts.jpg (63865 bytes)
Four beautifully finished top mounts in a row.
2hrtgtenorbotmountsclosish.jpg (83349 bytes)
As usual, combing & beading second to none, with beautifully finished mounts.
2hrtgtenortopsfromtop.jpg (116846 bytes)
2hrtgtenortopsfromtopside.jpg (62429 bytes) 2hrtgthreetopsfromtopside.jpg (78858 bytes) 2hrtgthreetopsfromtop2.jpg (91536 bytes)
The three tops with their silver bands and horn bushes.
2hrtgtopband&bushfromtopclose.jpg (90344 bytes)
A close-up of the horn bush.
2hrtgtops&mid.jpg (118950 bytes)
The silver contrasts strikingly with the wood. 116kb