Art. Ivory Components Gallery

These pictures are of rough components only. They are fitted to the wood parts in their present form and then finished whilst on the piece. This makes the finished product a complete piece, with each finished component an integral part of the whole.

setmnts.jpg (62991 bytes) Full set of mounts clearly showing threads. The four bottom, or stock, mounts, are in the back. On the left front are the tenor top mounts, and on the right are the bass top mounts.

setrc.jpg (63014 bytes) Set of three ring caps clearly showing threads. Bass in back, two tenors in front.

 setbshfromsidethreadclose.jpg (61532 bytes) setbshfromtop.jpg (62357 bytes) Two views of a set of bushes clearly showing threads. The bass is in the back. The view on left clearly shows the threads; they are essential for a secure, airtight fit.


sethmpstps.jpg (61128 bytes) Set of hemp stops clearly showing threads. These are made of delrin for the extra strength. They are not necessary for pipes that do not have tuning slides.