Combing & Beading Close-ups Gallery

comb&bead.jpg (96948 bytes)  Wood and art. ivory meet. Notice how there is an unbroken line, i.e. there is no ridge where the two materials meet. Notice also the lack of tool marks.

c&bonNO3bt.jpg (84884 bytes) Zoom in for a close-up. All the beads are exactly the same.

comb&threadclose.jpg (127489 bytes)  This is where the combing and beading ends at the ferrule thread, which can be seen a little on the right.

quality comb&bead.jpg (136697 bytes)  Quality combing and beading not quite close up.

NO3btmidc&bclose.jpg (133585 bytes) Darn that speck of dust on the fourth bead from left!

NO3weirdbtclose.jpg (92250 bytes) This is a darker version of the picture above. The speck is still there.