Miscellaneous Close-ups Gallery

NO2btcordholders.jpg (83663 bytes)  Perfectly proportioned cord holders on a bass top.

2ttcordholdersclose.jpg (166572 bytes)
Close-up of a tenor top cord holder. Note the elegance of the curves and the smoothness & uniformity of the finish. We no longer stamp any part of the drones.

underbush.jpg (124754 bytes)
The white bit under the silver is the under bush. It is essential on a properly made silver mounted pipe. It is fitted before the ring cap and prevents leaks.

2tnrrc&bsh.jpg (70996 bytes)
This is how the top of the drones should look. The width of the black rings can vary (on some good pipes they aren't even there), but there should be no space between black & white.

NO3atttopclose.jpg (710524 bytes)
Detail of the bell, sweep, and ring cap of a #3a bass top.

Our oak & acorn pattern, on a bass top with ivory under bush too.

NO3atopdetailsmall.jpg (185262 bytes)
A nice shot of zoomorphic silverwork, with silver bush fitted and ivory under bush.

NO3btfromtopclose.jpg (190854 bytes)
Bass top ring cap.

acornfrrlthreadsclose.jpg (216925 bytes) (212kb) Clear view of the threads on our engraved, beaded, and capped silver ferrules.

basstunpin.jpg (47874 bytes)
Tuning pin and top mount thread. Notice how there are no tool marks in this close view.

tunpinhemp.jpg (54144 bytes)
Tuning pin hemp tenon. Notice how evenly spaced the grooves are.

hempstop.JPG (41028 bytes)
Delrin hemp stop. Notice there are no gaps between wood and delrin.


NO1atnrhempstopsclose.jpg (664212 bytes)
The finished hemp stops of a pair of #2b tenor bottoms. These are often omitted on cheaper bagpipes, and are not threaded on ordinary bagpipes.


bassbotten.jpg (60201 bytes)
The reed seat and bottom of the tenon. Notice how the seat is perfectly concentric.

NO3ttbotclose.jpg (128432 bytes)
Side view of a ferrule on a #3a set.

pcNO.jpg (494419 bytes)
Bottom of #2 pipe chanter, showing number.

ivoryband close bot.jpg (58646 bytes)
Ivory band on pipe chanter bottom.


stockgroove.jpg (78181 bytes)
This is what a stock groove should look like. There are different styles that are fine, but they must be nicely made.

btbellshapeclose.jpg (61435 bytes)
Bass top bell. Note the shape and smooth texture.

mpbulbivoryfrombotcloserbig.jpg (106894 bytes)
The ivory bulb on our fanciest mouthpiece.

pcsoleclose.jpg (68053 bytes)
Art. ivory practice chanter sole. Notice how clean it is where black meets white.

NO3Laprchbotfromtop.jpg (91954 bytes)
Shot of a long practice bottom with art. ivory sole.

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