Mouthpieces Gallery

mouthpiece3.JPG (64854 bytes)  Here are the three pieces that make up our fancy mouthpieces. The black tip inserts into the narrow part of the silver sleeve, which then clamps onto the bulb by screwing the tip into the bulb. High Resolution

mp2piece.JPG (55327 bytes)  This shows the tip screwed into the top of the bulb, without the tube. This design protects the art. ivory or ivory from the moisture from one's breath. It also allows us to make the tip so it forms a continuous line from tip down to bulb. On cheaply made mouthpieces one will see that the tube has just been slipped onto the tip from above. High Resolution

bulbbotthread.JPG (38354 bytes)  This shot shows the delrin sleeve which runs the length of the art. ivory bulb. The sleeve is the little ring inside the larger bit of art. ivory. This sleeve gives strength to the mouthpiece, while allowing us still to use the prettier art. ivory instead of the ugly but strong white delrin. The outside of the sleeve is threaded into the art. ivory, which prevents it from slipping out. The inside of the sleeve holds a standard mouthpiece thread. High Resolution

bulbtopthread.JPG (41780 bytes)  This shot shows the delrin sleeve at the top of the mouthpiece bulb. There is a thread in this end to accept the mouth tip, which is inserted into the mouth tube and then screwed into the top of the bulb here. There is a little shelf clearly seen at the top of the art. ivory bulb. That is where the mouth tube seats. High Resolution

mp5fancyivoryonrightbig.jpg (84701 bytes)
View of five fancy mouthpieces. 83 kb.
 4mpstraight.jpg (87267 bytes)
View of our ordinary delrin mouthpieces.

mpaissplain.jpg (64433 bytes)mpartivorybulbplain.jpg (17744 bytes)Mouthpieces with plain sterling mouth tube and art. ivory bulb. These are made just like the one detailed above, but with no engraving on the silver.

mpivoryplainss.jpg (43810 bytes)
Ivory bulb with plain silver mouth tube.
mpivoryengravedss.jpg (67760 bytes)
Ivory bulb with engraved silver mouth tube.
mpbulbivoryfrombotclosebig.jpg (89955 bytes)
Close-up of the beautiful ivory. 88 kb
mpivorybulbengraved.jpg (21767 bytes) mpivorybulbclose.jpg (55341 bytes)


Silver & Horn Mouthpiece
mphorn3pc.jpg (64521 bytes)
In its components
mphorn2pc.jpg (64835 bytes)
With the tip unscrewed and removed
mphornbulbbot.jpg (63036 bytes) mphornfullfrombot.jpg (63912 bytes)mphornfull.jpg (60867 bytes)
mphornbulbtopclose.jpg (64238 bytes)
close-up of top of bulb
mphornbulbengraved.jpg (20439 bytes) mphornbulbbotclose.jpg (63807 bytes)
close-up of bottom of bulb
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