Practice Chanter Close-ups Gallery

4Lprchferr&bulbfromsideclose.jpg (35624 bytes)4Lprchferrulefromsideclose.jpg (33183 bytes)4lfrrlclosest.jpg (123263 bytes)
The ivory ferrule from a #4L practice chanter. The image on right is 123 kb
prchsolethrclose3.jpg (76653 bytes)
Close-up of male and female threads for practice chanter.

4Lprchsolefromsideclose.jpg (23676 bytes)4lprcsolefrtopclose.jpg (33079 bytes)4Lprchsolefromtopclose.jpg (31424 bytes)
The ivory sole of a #4L (long) practice chanter
4Lprchsolesfrombotclose.jpg (46110 bytes) 5LAprchstrippeddownferr&bulbclose.jpg (22926 bytes) NO3prchtoptopclose.jpg (156275 bytes)
 The top of a #3 practice chanter.
NO3Laferrule&stampclose.jpg (64429 bytes)
Close-up of silver ferrule and stamp.
4lsoleclose.jpg (134381 bytes)
Another ivory sole. 134 kb
NO3Lasolefromtop.jpg (61610 bytes)
Practice chanter sole.