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Components with runic 3 engraving
runicdmferrs&rc.jpg (644148 bytes) runicdmrc.jpg (793312 bytes) runicdmsf.jpg (641855 bytes) runicdmtf.jpg (769027 bytes)


Half set of acorn & oak silver (for half mounted pipes)

acornb&tfrrl.jpg (56819 bytes)
Bass & tenor ferrules, closer.
acorntnrfrrlclose.jpg (83057 bytes)
Close-up of the tenor ferrules.
acornpcsl.jpg (61787 bytes)
Pipe chanter sole, before final thread chasing.
acornallfrrl2.jpg (66899 bytes)
 All the ferrules on their sides.


Full set of runic pattern silver (for full mounted pipes)

runicb&tfrrlthread2.jpg (67766 bytes)
The drone ferrules showing caps

runicbssrcclose.jpg (61704 bytes)
Bass ring cap

runicbldblbmp.jpg (42008 bytes)
Bold bulb mouthpiece, without tip


Half set of plain silver (for half mounted pipes)

plainfrrlst2.jpg (38580 bytes)
View of the ferrules, clearly showing threads
plainallrcfrtop.jpg (41801 bytes)
View of the ring caps

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