Special Purpose Stocks

Venturi pipe chanter stocks make blowing 18% easier. They are designed for bands and pipers who like to play "gut buster" reeds.

Water trap blowpipe stocks are stocks with a reservoir that juts into the bag, holding excess moisture. The air flows through a hole in the top of the reservoir. To empty, pull out the blowpipe and upend the stock. Pipers need never upend their entire bagpipe again.

vntriwfrrloff.jpg (62421 bytes) The ferrule of a venturi stock, showing threads.

vntribotbore.jpg (61978 bytes) The bore end of a venturi.

vntriboreatbot.jpg (61478 bytes) Closer look.

wtrtrpsilverfull.jpg (62901 bytes) Water trap blowpipe stock, made from delrin. The hole at the top of the extension faces up and a little to the left, as seen by the piper.

wtrtrpssfrrlclose.jpg (61754 bytes) The ferrule end of the water trap blowpipe stock.

wtrtrpfrrlfrombot.jpg (62237 bytes) Another view.

wtrtrp&vntrifromtop.jpg (124857 bytes) This is a nice shot of the ferrule ends of these two special purpose stocks. The plain sterling silver ferrule is on the left, and art. ivory on the right. Notice how clean the ends are: no ragged bits between delrin and silver or art. ivory.

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