The Medallist Gallery Page 2

The #M5 Medallist (with engraved silver sole)
With oak & acorn engraving
pc5mdiag.jpg (32617 bytes) pc5mfromtop.jpg (20701 bytes)
With zoomorphic 2 engraving
NOm5pcfrbot.jpg (18981 bytes) NOm5pcfrtopclosebotfocus.jpg (19727 bytes)
With runic 2 engraving


The #M2 Medallist (with art. ivory sole)

M2botfrombotsidecloser.jpg (36270 bytes)M2botfromsideclose.jpg (38103 bytes)
There are no gaps between art. ivory and wood.
M2botfromtop.jpg (45739 bytes)
View of top of sole.
M2botfrombotsoleclose.jpg (38136 bytes)M2botfrombotsoleclosewhite.jpg (37708 bytes)
Notice smoothness of the sole.
M2fullfrombotsidesolefocus.jpg (31904 bytes) M2fullfromtopsidesolefocusdark.jpg (37984 bytes)
#M2 (Medallist) showing sole in focus, dark colors.
M2fullfromtopsidesolefocuswhite.jpg (17680 bytes)