Threading Close-ups Gallery

bassbotmt&ten.jpg (57915 bytes)  Art. ivory mount ready to be fitted to this bass bottom. Notice the tapered thread. Notice also how clean and smooth everything is.

rcss&btshowingthreadsclosebig.jpg (102292 bytes)
An example of our exclusive fully threaded sterling silver ring cap. 100 kb

pcsolessplainthread&woodclose.jpg (58157 bytes)
Our silver soles are also fully threaded.

ivorythreads2.jpg (67718 bytes) ivorymountthreasds.jpg (66460 bytes) ivorythreads.jpg (73274 bytes)

Close-up of future ivory ferrule.

Female thread in future real ivory mount.

Female threads in real ivory. Mount on left, ferrule on right.


bsthrclose.jpg (107312 bytes)
Thread ready for art. ivory stock ferrule.
hotthread.jpg (66198 bytes)
Art. ivory ferrule ready to be fitted. This is a bass stock.
male & fem thread.jpg (116199 bytes)
Threads on wood and sliver.


pcsolefemalethread.jpg (78828 bytes) pcsolethread.jpg (70604 bytes)

Close-up of pipe chanter sole thread.

Pipe chanter sole ready to be fitted.

NO1thrdclose.jpg (105808 bytes) NO3tnrtopbttmthrdetail.jpg (71223 bytes)

Threaded silver ferrule ready to be fitted to a stock.

Another shot of a silver ferrule, this a tenor top one.

NO1atthempstopoffclose.jpg (159120 bytes)

View of hemp stop ready to be screwed onto the wood. Note how clean the threads are. We use delrin for hemp stops (except on ivory sets) because it is stronger than art. ivory. Hemp stops are not for show (as they're never seen.)

NO1atbtopclosest.jpg (860582 bytes) NO1atbtopcloser.jpg (926764 bytes) NO1atbtopclosish.jpg (1020574 bytes)
A clear view of the female threads.

The finished product after fitting.

The whole effect.

btbellthreadclose.jpg (59968 bytes)  Threads at the top of a bass top. The threaded bush will be screwed into this piece. Then the outside turning will be done.

translucentrc.jpg (58812 bytes) This picture shows how clean the transition from art. ivory to wood should be. Right where the ring cap meets the black ring of wood, you can see threading under the art. ivory (where the color is a little darker). 

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