Unknown Maker 1

These pipes are a set of two drone pipes, unfortunately without pipe chanter. They are made of cocuswood and mounted with cocuswood button mounts, and nickel silver ferrules, ring caps, and bushes. There is great charm in the simplicity of this set. It is in almost perfect condition with two ferrules missing and no cracks. The workmanship is fairly good, and the bore sizes are very standard. The combing is coarser than usual, and in keeping with other sets I have seen reputedly made by Donald McDonald. But the workmanship is not a patch on the McDonald set nearby.


ukbttop.jpg (58194 bytes)
Top of the bass top.
ukbttop&ch.jpg (60521 bytes)
Cord holders and sweep of the bass top.
ukbtmid.jpg (59993 bytes)
Middle portion of the bass top.
ukbtc&b&fer.jpg (60324 bytes)
Bottom & ferrule of the bass top.
ukbmmountclose.jpg (57534 bytes)
Bass middle mount.
ukbmmid.jpg (60645 bytes)
Middle portion of middle.
ukbmmount&tp.jpg (62458 bytes)
Bass middle tuning pin & mount.
uktttopclose.jpg (58723 bytes)
Top of the tenor top.
uktttopch.jpg (61576 bytes)
Cord holders and sweep of the tenor top.
ukttmid.jpg (61607 bytes)
Middle portion of the tenor top.
ukttcbfer.jpg (60048 bytes)
bottom & ferrule seat of the tenor top.
uktbmounttenon.jpg (62194 bytes)
Tenor bottom mount & tenon.
uktbmounttp.jpg (62000 bytes)
Tenor tuning pin.
uk4stocks.jpg (59145 bytes)
The four stocks.
uk3topmounts.jpg (61322 bytes)
Three top mounts.
ukbassdrone.jpg (58901 bytes)
The bass drone.
uktenordrone.jpg (59545 bytes)
The tenor drone.

I have seen (unfortunately before acquiring a digital camera) a very old set of full mounted silver pipes, upon which was stamped A McD on some of the silver fitments. I have heard rumors that there was a maker named Allan MacDougall who made in the early nineteenth century. That set's ring caps, bushes, and underbushes were made in the same style as this set's.