Unknown Maker 2

These partridgewood pipes look like African blackwood, but the lighter color and unique grain under the ferrules gave them away. There is nothing special about the workmanship (just as with Unknown Maker 1), indeed it is rather crude. But they are different, and this maker marched to the beat of his own drum.

galexferruleseatclose.jpg (45428 bytes)galexferruleseatclose2.jpg (60677 bytes)
Partridgewood well disguised as African blackwood
galexttbots.jpg (45221 bytes)galextt.jpg (52762 bytes)
Catalin ring caps indicate reasonably recent manufacture
galextb.jpg (59230 bytes) galextb2.jpg (33154 bytes)
Weirdly shaped parts
galextbtopmtclose.jpg (56589 bytes) galexttmidclose.jpg (66896 bytes)
Interesting combing pattern