Woods Gallery

  Three pieces of African Blackwood. The real McCoy.

cocus.JPG (110033 bytes)  Cocuswood. Notice the fine grain. Cocus is great wood, but insanely expensive.

 cocuscoco.jpg (9418 bytes) A couple of beautiful pieces of lovely cocuswood.

africanblackwoodpile.jpg (49128 bytes) Square billets "roughed down" ready for boring.

otherexoticwoods.jpg (63260 bytes) Some exotic woods for repairs. Snakewood, then under it a big piece of partridgewood, ebony in the middle, and kingwood.

cocuspile.jpg (62152 bytes) Some cocuswood.

pipechwood.jpg (61463 bytes) woodfromabove.jpg (60684 bytes) woodview1.jpg (61452 bytes) woodview2.jpg (64017 bytes)
Pipe chanter billets. Some wood from above. Drone sets, with some pieces bored. Another view from above.