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The #M5 Medallist (with engraved silver sole)
With oak & acorn engraving
pc5m.jpg (17041 bytes) pc5mfrombot.jpg (39099 bytes)
With zoomorphic 2 engraving
NOm5pcfull.jpg (32492 bytes) NOm5pcfrbotclosebotfocus.jpg (35770 bytes)
With runic 2 engraving


The #M4 Medallist (with plain silver sole)
NOm4pcfull.jpg (20362 bytes) NOm4pcfrbot.jpg (18826 bytes)
The face of the silver sole covers the end of the pipe chanter (except for the bore, of course) when quality silver is used. Beware of cheaper soles made contrary to tradition.
NOm4pcfrtop.jpg (20956 bytes)
The sole is threaded on, of course.


The #M2 Medallist (with art. ivory sole)

M2botfrombotside.jpg (20636 bytes) M2fullfromtopsolefocus.jpg (35354 bytes)
View from top.
M2botfromtopcloser.jpg (38026 bytes)
Notice smoothness of the sole and the wood.
M2fullfromtopsidewhite.jpg (22703 bytes) M2fullfromtopsidesolefocus.jpg (34996 bytes)
Showing sole in focus.
M2botfromtopsidecloserwhite.jpg (20735 bytes)


The #M1 Medallist (no sole)
M1halffromtopclosish.jpg (30651 bytes)
M1fullfromtop.jpg (22976 bytes)
Shot of whole length of Medallist pipe chanter
M1topclosesquarebulbfocus.jpg (33842 bytes)
View of the top part of a Medallist pipe chanter, with tenon, distinctive bulb, and stamp.
M1twoholes.jpg (37499 bytes)
The holes are drilled very cleanly.
M1full.jpg (32024 bytes)
The full pipe chanter.
M1fromtopclose.jpg (43524 bytes)M1halffromtop.jpg (21133 bytes)
Closer views of #M1

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